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Ohio Trades Up

Posted by Todd Hoffman on July 22, 2013

Ohio’s economy reaped the benefit of 1.4 million jobs and $49.6 billion in exported goods in 2012 as a result of international trade, according to a new report from the Business Roundtable.

Ohio ranked eighth in the country in exported goods and 13th in services exports, which were valued at $12.3 billion in 2011. Ohio goods went to 211 markets, including Canada, Mexico and China.

The roundtable is a CEO advocacy group whose members are among the country’s largest companies.


Ohio’s Top Exports (Goods)

• Motor vehicle parts: $5.9 billion

• Aerospace products and parts: $5.6 billion

• Motor vehicles: $3.1 billion

• Oilseeds and grains: $2.4 billion

• General purpose machinery: $2.3 billion


Ohio’s Top Exports (Services)

• Travel: $2.7 billion

• Port and freight services: $1.7 billion

• Industrial processes royalties: $1.6 billion

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