Franklin County ranks among the least healthy of Ohio's 88 counties in the 2013 County Health Rankings and Roadmap measure, underscoring each of its contiguous counties in a measure of public health. Meanwhile, Delaware County ranked as one of the healthiest counties in Ohio.

The annual Health Rankings and Roadmap report is a county-by-county health assessment based on public data as calculated by agencies including the National Center for Health Statistics/Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Dartmouth Institute for health policy in Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine. The report is published bythe Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin Public Health Institute.

The rankings include two measures of county health. The Health Outcome report is based on mortality and morbidity rates; the Health Factors report is a measure of health influencers and is based on health behavior, clinical care, social/economic conditions and physical/environmental factors within each county.

Franklin County is ranked No. 58 out of 88 in Health Outcomes and No. 41 out of 88 for Health Factors in 2013. Ohio data sets for 2010-2013 show Franklin County improving slowly in both the overall health of the community and in contributing factors. Franklin underscored every one of its contiguous counties in 2013 Health Outcomes, though it claimed better Health Factors than two of them:

-- Delaware (No. 3 in Health Outcomes / No. 1 in Health Factors) -- Union (No. 9 in Health Outcomes /No. 10 in Health Factors) -- Fairfield (No. 13 in Health Outcomes /No. 13 in Health Factors) -- Licking (No. 32 in Health Outcomes / No. 24 in Health Factors) -- Pickaway (No. 51 in Health Outcomes /No. 48 in Health Factors) -- Madison (No. 44 in Health Outcomes/ No. 46 in Health Factors)

Read the complete methodology and use the interactive data tools on the County Health Rankings website.