CEO Live is compilinganonline guide tolegal blogs published by Columbus firms. For the first post in this regular series, we've listed law blogs run by the Top 5 firms as ranked in Columbus CEO's July 2013 Central Ohio Law Firms Leaderboard, available on newsstandsand bysubscription. (Firms were ranked based on the number of full-time Central Ohio attorneys).

This list is far from comprehensive. If you're a firm or sole practitioner based in Columbus with a law blog, send us a linkwith "CEO Blawg" in your subject line. We want to follow you and spread the word!

#1: Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease blogs:

Energy & Environmental Law Blog

Mass Torts: State of the Art

Vorys on Labor

HealthHITech Law

Vorys Health Care Advisors

#2 Porter Wright blogs:

Technology Law Source

Employee Benefits Law Report

Employer Law Report

Banking & Finance Law Report

Federal Securities Law Blog

Nanotechnology Law Report

Oil & Gas Law Report

#3: Bricker & Eckler blogs:

Nonprofit Advocate

Acredula (counsel for boards and executives)

Class Action Ohio

Financial Services Law


Ohio Green Strategies

#4 Squire Sanders blogs:

The Anticorruption Blog

Conflict Minerals Law

Employment Law Worldview

frESH: Perspectives on Environmental Safety & Health

Sixth Circuit Appellate Blog

Triage: Healthcare Reform Winners & Losers

#5 Baker Hostetler blogs:

Antitrust Advocate

China-US Trade Law

Class Action Lawsuit Defense

Data Privacy Monitor

Discovery Advocate (eDiscovery news and advice)

Employment Class Action Report

Hospitality Lawg

IP Intelligence

North America Shale Blog Issues

Issues in Tax Controversy

Wealth Planning Examiner