Dawn Nocera

Guest Blogger

Dawn Nocera  is a life and success coach to creative entrepreneurs in the top 1% of their industry and the Founder of DNA International Coaching . She uses her gifts of intuition and insight into success to help her clients courageously re-establish their divine natural alignment with their highest self-expression so they can manifest themselves into the world authentically and prosperously. Dawn’s work with elite athletes, spiritual leaders, professional speakers, and even MTV has led her to the simple title “Thinking Coach.” Dawn is able to quickly introduce you to your higher self which allows you to make quantum leaps in your life and in your business!

Dawn is also the founder of EducatingJane.com, a national site for girls, their parents and educators dedicated to helping girls grow with self-esteem, self-awareness, and involvement in the world.

Watch Dawn’s episodes of Your Winning Mindset.

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