Columbus CEO begins the process of identifying Top Workplace early.

Retail merchandisers aren't the only ones who push the calendar.

While some stores start holiday sales in the summer, Columbus CEO also may appear to be jumping the gun by opening nominations in July for next year's Top Workplaces recognition.

But that's just to ensure central Ohio companies, public agencies and nonprofits that pride themselves on a great working environment have the opportunity to be recognized.

Time and again, corporate, government and nonprofit leaders extol the importance of a positive culture in the success of their enterprises.

Matt Scantland, CEO of CoverMyMeds, No. 1 Top Workplace among midsize employers in the 2017 recognition, sums it up this way: “To continue being successful and growing the company, we know we need to hire, retain and develop amazing people. That means creating an environment where they can be themselves, embrace challenges and achieve amazing results. We put our employees at the center of everything we do because they're what makes us great.”

The process to become noted among 2018 Top Workplaces kicks off July 9, when nominations will be accepted online at Anyone in a company or organization of at least 50 employees can nominate their employer using that URL. Then our partner, Workplace Dynamics, will follow up with the employer to explain the process of surveying their staff to determine if they meet the characteristics of a Top Workplace.

Companies that already know they want to participate in a staff survey to determine if they are a Top Workplace can get the process started by signing up directly online at

Deadline for making a nomination is Aug. 25. It may sound early for recognition to be published in the May 2018 issue of Columbus CEO, but the long timeline is needed to give Top Workplaces candidates time to be surveyed, analyzed and verified by Workplace Dynamics.

There are lots of good reasons to go through the survey process. The professional third-party assessment can validate achievements or reveal issues to be addressed. And for those employers that emerge as Top Workplaces, the recognition offers benefits of its own, including raising a public profile and boosting efforts to attract and retain good employees.

Anticipating anything good is half the fun—whether it's holiday celebrations or being recognized as a Top Workplace. Get nominations in early to start the festivities in your great organization!