Vision 2015: Rising to the challenge

Central Ohio executives detail how their organizations are dealing with four key issues for 2015.

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  • House approves $1.1T bill financing government

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Swapping crisis for compromise, the House narrowly approved $1.1 trillion in government-wide spending Thursday night after President Barack Obama and Republicans joined forces to override Democratic complaints that the bill would also ease bank regulations imposed after the economy's near-collapse in 2008.

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Four corporate retreat destinations worth the drive for Columbus companies

Out-of-state luxury hotels and conference centers offer corporate retreat getaways worth the drive for Columbus companies and associations.

Columbus Metropolitan Club forum expands with remote broadcast

Beginning in January, the CMC is launching a remote broadcast program so suburban professionals can also take part in the weekly forums.

Q&A: AT&T’s Adam Grzybicki on change in the telecommunications industry

The president of AT&T's Ohio market invited Columbus CEO to his office to discuss the state of the telecommunications industry and AT&T’s changing role in it.

Letter from the editor: Shedding light on a rare cancer

The striking new James tower welcomes its first patients as this issue of Columbus CEO delivers. I hope our story on Pollock’s research sheds new light on a cancer unknown to many.
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