Innovation Spotlight: planning NEXT gives communities staying power

Local consulting firm planning NEXT partners with communities to develop customized plans for the future.

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File/Columbus Dispatch
Rickenbacker International Airport hums with goods from shippers including FedEx and Cathay Pacific Cargo.

Logistics gaining steam in Columbus region

Building workforce infrastructure is needed to keep up with industry demand.
“It’s Not Rocket Science” by Mary Spio

Reading List: Be your own kind of successful with ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’

“It’s Not Rocket Science” by Mary Spio makes entrepreneurship sound fun again.
Health Watch

Pet allergies are big business

Allergy suffering isn’t exclusive to humans. The misery many of us have to deal with can extend to our very best friends; our beloved household pets.

Tech review: Hackers beware of the super-secure Carbide USB Drive

If you worry about security of the data you carry around, the Carbide USB Drive lets you sleep easy at night.
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